If you are interested in becoming a member, you can fill in the form and apply for a trial, guest, full or senior membership of Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin International e. V./JCIBI. The membership category depends on your individual situation, you can find further information below.

Trial membership

We offer a trial period of one month. In this period, you can participate in events without a membership fee.

Guest membership

After the trial membership of one month, you become a guest member, unless you inform the board in writing that you do not wish to continue your membership. A guest membership means you do not have voting rights, but you can participate in all events. The duration of a guest membership is three months, after which the board will decide whether to accept you as a full member based on the participation in Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin International e. V./JCIBI and will inform you of its decision in writing. The membership fee is €30,00 for three months guest membership.

Full membership

Full membership is directly offered to the founding members and people actively involved in the organisation for more than three months. The board decides who can apply for the full membership directly. The membership fee is €100,00 for students and €120,00 for non-students annually (students have to provide prove of registration at a university upon request).

Please note: you have to be under 40 years of age and have a clear connection to Berlin (e.g. live, work or study in the Berlin region) to become a member.

Senior membership

Members of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland/JCI with 40 years of age or older can be senior members. The membership fee is €120,00 annually.

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